Amber gemstone: meaning, properties, power, jewelry, photo

Amber gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Along with jade, an amber is the oldest gemstone known to man. Mention of it may be found in the writings of Plato and Aristotle. In ancient origin of amber was wrapped in a mystery that has inspired many legends about him.
For example, the ancient Greeks called this stone electron , considered him frozen tears, cry out for the dead Phaeton.

With the ability to electrify the ancient Arabs called amber “kahraba” is meaning “thief straw”. Amber property to glow in the fire reflected in the German name “Bernstein” – it meaning “fire stone”.

Now we know that together with pearls, gagate and coral, amber gemstone refers to the organogenic rocks (with an organic origin).
Amber is fossilized resin. For example, amber consists 98% of the pine resin called “Pinus sussinifera”. “Age” of Baltic amber is not more than 35 million years. But in the world there is an older amber, whose formation began more than 100 million years ago.

Amber color varies from almost white and light yellow to reddish-brown and black. With its shades amber look like a yellow topaz. Experts distinguish between 350 shades of amber.

By the way, the ancient Romans knew how to change the color of amber, heating it in honey, and the “sun stone” acquired red. There are many other methods to give a amber color.

The degree of transparency of amber is highly variable. Amber with the inclusion of air bubbles or water is valued low. Such samples are called its bastard.
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The best known in the world is Baltic amber. Nevertheless, there are other varieties of amber. For example, amber mined in Burma, usually opaque. It has a yellow, brown, red or pale-white color and is called “birmite”. Usually it is harder than amber from the Baltic coast.

Sometimes pieces of birmite reach impressive sizes. Guinness Book tells of a piece of birmite weighing 15,25 kg. This unique copy is kept in London at the Museum of Natural History.

There is technology for manufacturing small pieces of amber by pressing or melting. The stones thus obtained is called ambroids (from the Greek “eidos” – “likeness” and “amber”), they differ turbidity and lower hardness than natural amber gemstone.

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The most common jewelry you will find on the shelves of modern jewelry stores are amber beads, amber earrings or amber necklace.
Meanwhile, before the amber used in jewelry business more extensively than in our days.

A comparative hardness of amber in conjunction with its polishability makes this material unique for a thin thread. Suffice it to recall the legendary Amber Room , that was lost during the Second World War and recently restored Russian restorers, to make sure the enormous opportunities of amber as a natural material, easily manageable.
Transparency and rich range of shades of amber has long been attracted to him carvers. They not only cut, faceted and sawed amber but engraved it. Not so long ago in vogue were mouthpieces, boxes and even a mug of amber. Now these unique products can made only a few masters who have devoted work with amber decades of his life.

Amber is often came the subject of forgery, because it easily look like the plastic. Often you can detect insects that lived on our planet about forty million years ago in amber stone.

Set its authenticity is difficult. Checking of static electricity by friction is not use now, the same happens with modern plastic. But this amber propery more pronounced that reveals a number of fakes.

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Amber stone melts at relatively low temperatures, so the small of his pieces can be bonded together, getting more fit for consumption, during this process inside the stick insect, which reinforces the confusion. The wings of insects found in natural amber, usually open, which distinguishes them from those who are caught in the sticky tape.
Air bubbles in natural amber are usually round. But in melted they are elongated, oval shape, moreover, it can see the color funnel.

Natural resin (or copal) is often used to simulate, but it features a cracked surface is not characteristic of amber. Check with ether (in contact with who was digging becomes sticky) for most buyers is not available and can be dangerous. The most common and most successfully imitated amber with plastic.

Many authors point out that plastic can be “scraped off” the top layer with a knife, while amber is divided into fragments. However, such inspection is complicated and impractical.
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In 1983, the auction “Sotheby’s” in London sold an impressive collection of amber beads and necklaces. Many Chinese beads have been working with a complex carving. It included amber gems of all known varieties and colors.

There was a new procedure for the price of this material, as some beads left behind several thousand pounds. At the moment they are many times more expensive.

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Amber are called magic tears of ancient forests. It is associated with the smell of wood and sun. It is believed that the warm golden color amber clarifies thinking and helps to implement plans. In many countries, amber long remained overseas and wonder why was surrounded by an aura of mystery.

Amber jewellry give joy and peace. The ancient Greeks dedicated amber gem to life-giving sun. Homer in his “Odyssey” wrote about amber: “In my father’s house he brought the necklace: large electron mounted in gold with a wonderful art. That necklace is my noble mother, and slave all admired …».

Amber healing properties are mentioned in Pliny and Galen writings. In the Middle Ages, in 1551 the German researcher Aurifaber published a monograph on amber, which contains 46 recipes for using it. Curiously, some philologists output the word “amber” from the Lithuanian gintaris, which meaning is “defender of the disease.”

It believed amber gem has a receptive energy Yin. It helps with headache, toothache, and drops in blood pressure. Amber can save you from a magnetic storm and improve eyesight. Amber healing medicine have anti-inflammatory effect. Amber has a positive effect on the thyroid gland, spleen and heart. Mouthpieces amber reduce the likelihood of cancer in smokers. Sold in Poland Amber vodka good cures sore throat and colds.
It was found that one of the causes of diseases of the thyroid gland is the lack of iodine in the body. Amber contains iodine, so the wearing of amber beads may be useful in diseases of the thyroid gland.

In addition to iodine in amber contains other trace elements that are healing the human body; iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and others. In amber contains succinic acid salt, which activates the metabolism, stimulates digestion, and also has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. By the way, the ancient Egyptians used amber for mummification.

Receptions of amber healing methods used in oncology for tumor growth inhibition. Amber is a source of creative strength, faith and optimism. He gives the owner of the physical strength, good spirits, brings good fortune and health stores.

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Zodiacal sign of amber is Leo , and the planet – the Sun.
Amber talisman is the source of creative strength, faith and optimism. He gives the owner of the physical strength, good spirits, brings good fortune and health stores.

Just a couple of centuries ago nurse wore an amber necklace that babies were happy and healthy.

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