Almandine gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Almandine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Almandine is a red or reddish-purple gemstone. This is a very strong and one of the most common varieties of garnet. Greater firmness of almandine differ only like them in color rubies. Rarely found almost black almandines .


The name of stone is distorted word “alabanda”, – it is the city in Asia where long cut these stones. According to another version, a place Alabanda was only a transit point of the ancient trade routes. In any case, it is understandable why almandines often in the old days was called “alabanda rubies.
European jewelers often called carbuncles and almandine as garnets, in German these stones are known as “karfukelshtein”. In place of its mining and processing almandines not so long ago were known as “Ceylonese”, “American” or “Siberian” garnets.

Color almandine may be cherry, crimson purple and even brown-red. The intensity of color depends on the amount of iron compounds. Gem stones are only transparent almandine. Almandine deposits exist in India, Mongolia, Madagascar, Finland and in Karelia.

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On the world market almandine gems are appreciated more than pyrope. However, remember that distinguish almandine gems from the other red garnet can be only by using special methods of diagnostic. Almandine gem quality are produced in the deposits from the deposits in Finland, Australia, on the islands of Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Dimensions of almandine crystals are ranging from a few millimeters to about 4 cm Usually jewellery use length not less than 5 mm. In modern art jewelry almandines used with a uniform color of red, orange and cherry colors as a raw material. The crystals with dimensions of at least 5x5x5 mm are considered first class, and 4x4x4 mm – second.

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Together with pyrope almandines are “fire stones”. Many people worship almandine and thought it magical – the ability to banish sadness and bring joy, to heal the heart and brain, excite the passion and at the same time to restrain his anger.

Indian yogis believe almandine stone having a strong energy. It has beneficial effects on human emotions. In Europe almandines were considered stones of masquerades.

Lithotherapist argue that almandine has healing energy Yang. It is believed that almandines of deposit Makzaban have a pronounced therapeutic healing properties. Even the Crusaders wore rings with almandine, to protect themselves from diseases and wounds. No coincidence that the stones have long been ascribed to the ability to deliver the pain. In Russia believed that the stones of this kind help to pregnant women in labor.
Indian “Ayurveda” says that this stone is beneficent for violations of metabolic disorders. It helps heal wounds, gives energy to the heart and lungs, supports the immune system. Yogins noted that the soft vibration of almandine focus on mental and physical body. Stone has healing effects on emotional state, stabilizes the heart’s activity, it helps with inflammatory processes. It activates the regeneration of organs and tissues, stimulates blood circulation and increases the potency.

Lithotherapist believe that almandine properties promote healing of wounds. These stones also have a positive effect on the metabolism and increase sexual energy.

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It is believed that the most suitable jewelry with almandines those born under the sign of Capricorn .
Almandine is birthstone of January.

Pisces and Gemini are not wearing almandine jewelry .

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  1. Almandine.
    A variety of GARNET that is transparent and commonly deep crimson with tinges of purple. Its colour may resemble that of RUBY. It is cut in several forms; when cut EN CABOCHON (usually as hollow cabochon to lighten the colour), it is called CARBUNCLE.

    Some stones are shaped in India by TUMBLING, and sometimes now are faceted. The main sources
    are Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), Fort Wrangel in Alaska, and India.
    An alternative name is ‘almandite’. A sub-variety has INCLUSIONS of NEEDLES of foreign substances, which sometimes form a weak 4-pointed or 6-pointed star (see ASTERISM); such stones are called ‘star almandine’.

  2. Almandine spinel.
    A misnomer for purple-red varieties of SPINEL (note: ALMANDINE being a variety of GARNET) which resemble the almandine in color.

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