How to choose amulet or talisman

How to choose amulet or talisman

Talisman should be in resonance and harmony with man, not to contradict his nature, and nature. Talisman should be choosing, focusing on your date of birth, zodiac sign, the month of birth, etc.

Amulet’ choice is much easier – you just know from what you want to gain protection. Choosing the amulet, it is useful at the same time take into account the properties of this mineral as a possible mascot, because each stone requires a peculiar behavior.

For example, if you choose to protect against the evil eye amethyst jewelry, which fits on a sign Zodiac, or date of birth, then do not forget that it enhances a man such qualities as prudence, unselfishness, generosity, piety, fidelity, temperance, honesty, perseverance, friendliness, understanding, repentance, modesty, humility, steadfastness against temptation , tranquility, purity of thoughts. And amethyst gem will protect you from the evil eye just in case, if your behavior will match it.

Any natural stone has a great package of information, some properties and qualities, skills.
Effects of stone can order and adjust some quality people.

For example, if a person lacks some qualities of character, you can temporarily replace them with stone or learn to develop these qualities himself.

You must not cling to the stone, you should cooperate with them, interact, learn how to develop in themselves these missing qualities with it.

How does it work?

Stones live in a different course of time and gives us the opportunity to come into contact with other, non-human phase, which had long fallen out of our everyday reality.
Through a temporary interaction people compensate for the missing quality, as a consequence of changes in its internal Nature.

Communicating with the stone we become more sensitive, increasing its sensitivity, without losing stability.
Minerals help solve the many talents of a person if they have it laid.

Having worked with some gem a few years, people no longer needed his services permanently, he has helped to learn what was needed.

A person becomes something like this stone, and can use its services only occasionally, only in critical circumstances, if necessary.

You can make friends with a stone and become both helpful each other
It is not only the stone gives the man what he needs, but also takes a stone from a man what he needed
And what he wants from a man?
Of course, the first – a love for him and appreciation for the interaction. In addition, the identity of stone rises by human energy.

Each stone has its own individual character and the limit of patience.
If a stone begins to fade, thicken, grow dim, change color for the worse, it is a warning to the owner that he was doing something wrong and not true.
If the stones begin to crack, break, crumble, especially if the right in their hands, then this is the last warning.

And if a man will not find a reason not come to its senses, not improve, it may soon happen a great misfortune with him or with someone from the family.
Each stone warned about the situation in which it has an impact on that with which it is associated.

shaman charm This happens when a person lives in a section in order to set that mineral.
For example, if cacholong – a stone of health and business, started turning yellow, covered by wire mesh, then if you do not review the mistakes of his life, we can expect a loss, major loss of money or property, the gap bargain, etc.

After receiving a warning from your stone, must urgently to change something.
Or adopt a proactive approach, where before there had been passive, or abandon a struggle.
And, if you have something changed in his life in the right direction, it must immediately pass depression, anxiety, feel better at heart.

It is better to live half live in poverty, but to preserve the health or two months to be a bum, than the rest of the corpse. Stones can save and from inactivity and will not miss their star hour or push on the deed.

You must follow your stone, to listen to him, he’s in another time and knows that we do not know and do not see the invisible connections that control our destiny.

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