Aquarius Handmade Jewelry – February Amethyst

Amethyst is one of Aquarius birthstones.
If your sign is Aquarius, handmade Amethyst jewelry is a beautiful gift for you.

FINISHED SIZE – 7 inches

You need:
8 (10mm) clear fire-polished glass faceted beads
64 amethyst chips
2 amethyst heart charms
2 silver decorative spacer beads
2 silver crimp tubes
2 decorative silver head pins
3 silver jump rings Silver toggle clasp
2 (10-inch) lengths .012-inch- diameter
19-strand nylon- coated flexible beading wire
Round-nose pliers
Crimp pliers
Wire nippers

1) For beaded dangles, slide a clear fire-polished bead onto a decorative head pin. Use round-nose pliers to form a loop above bead; trim excess wire. Repeat once. For heart dangles, attach a jump ring to both heart charms. Set bead and heart dangles aside.

2) Holding both pieces of wire together, string a crimp tube onto wires ‘A inch from one end. String on one half of toggle clasp; thread wire ends back through crimp tube. Gently squeeze and fold crimp tube in half with crimp pliers.

3) With strands separate, string 12 amethyst chips on each strand.

4) Hold strands together and string on a clear fire-polished bead.

5) Separate strands and string on 3 amethyst chips, a clear fire-polished bead and an amethyst chip on each strand.

6) Hold strands together and string on a spacer bead, a heart dangle and a spacer bead.

7) Repeat steps 3-5, only in reverse, for other side of bracelet.

8) With strands together, string on a crimp tube and remaining half of clasp. Thread wire ends back through crimp tube and gently squeeze and fold crimp tube in half.
Attach remaining dangles to a jump ring; attach jump ring to one end of clasp. •