Taurus birthstone jewelry

taurus birthstone

Taurus represents practicality, deliberation, constancy and patience. In many cases, the sign members love plants and know how to take care of them. What Aries begun but have abandoned, Taurus can continue infinitely.

The sign is quite productive if not divide its effort to several different cases.
Taurus loves comfort and is able to create it. The members of the sign are thrifty and understand the value of material things.

TAURUS birthstone :

April, 21 – chrysoberyl
April, 22 – almandine
April, 23 – onyx
April, 24 – garnet
April, 25 – garnet
April, 26 – alexandrite
April, 27 – cat’s eye
April, 28 – charoite
April, 29 – hessonit
April, 30 – agate
May, 1 – jade
May, 2 – citrine
May, 3 – cat’s eye
May, 4 – aquamarine
May, 5 – malachite
May, 6 – moonstone
May, 7 – pearls
May, 8 – jadeite
May, 9 – amazonite
May, 10 – emerald
May, 11 – carnelian
May, 12 – zircon
May, 13 – lapis lazuli
May, 14 – agate
May, 15 – onyx
May, 16 – chrysolite
May, 17 – opal
May, 18 – tourmaline
May, 19 – agate
May, 20 – emerald
May, 21 – emerald
May, 22 – coral

Birthstone for April and May: aventurine, agate, alexandrite, amazonite, turquoise, malachite.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Taurus:

gagate, jade, citrine.

TAURUS zodiac gems horoscope

Taurus acts calmly, slowly, and can’t be easily deflected from original direction. For that reason Taurus widely known as stubborn and resistant to adverse external influences.

Taurus is not as powerful as Aries but because of its ability to constantly apply efforts the sign is able to render much more ambitious projects. The sign members are not as noticeable as Aries, but much more productive in the everyday sense.
Taurus’ talisman is aventurine which increases its owner’s optimism and self-confidence.

Life orientation, given by the Sun in Taurus, is characterized by the desire to master the material world, to subordinate it to the signs’ needs. This process is endless, and Taurus does not want to achieve something concrete. He would look for a convenient environment for existence, after he will find the best possible surroundings Taurus would patiently and persistently build what he is missing.

The important thing is that no one interferes with described process, and that there are enough resources

If some situation requires a decision, the owner of the Sun in Taurus primarily would try to quietly slip off the side. And when that becomes impossible – it will pull up the decision to the last.

Taurus gemstonesTaurus will not be irritated or nervous, and if decided to change something, it will change strategic course of the life, choosing a more favorable and resourceful directions. It is not accidental that in middle-age Russia the malachite, stone of Taurus, was considered as a symbol of dreams realization.
A talisman of turquoise helps Taurus to succeed financially and attract money. Stone of Taurus is amazonite which attracts material prosperity.

Having such a reliable source of energy, the body of a Taurus confidently confronts pathogenic influences.
But if all of a sudden a disease occurs (because adverse factors were long and hard, or because very representative of Taurus harm themselves, endlessly indulging their needs), the body fights against it slowly and methodically, dealing with the restoration of the health as thoroughly as with other life matters. Decorations made from alexandrite contribute to spiritual renewal of the Taurus balancing its mind and emotions.

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