Leo birthstone gems and jewelry

Leo birthstone gems and jewelry

Leo can be described as bright, dramatic sign with desire to be noticed and a great need to hear the praise.

Sign members are creative and able to achieve significant goals under influence of inspiration. Leos are committed to leadership, pride, individualism, but at the same time they are generous.

LEO birthstone :

July, 21 – gagate
July, 22 – emerald
July, 23 – jasper
July, 24 – sapphire
July, 25 – sapphire
July, 26 – obsidian
July, 27 – jasper
July, 28 – rhodonite
July, 29 – serpentine
July, 30 – diamond
July, 31 – diamond
August, 1 – tourmaline
August, 2 – almandine
August, 3 – aquamarine
August, 4 – jadeite
August, 5 – garnet
August, 6 – cat’s eye
August, 7 – lapis lazuli
August, 8 – aquamarine
August, 9 – malachite
August, 10 – beryls
August, 11 – alexandrite
August, 12 – carnelian
August, 13 – sardonyx
August, 14 – ruby
August, 15 – spinel
August, 16 – citrine
August, 17 – gagate
August, 18 – onyx
August, 19 – aventurine
August, 20 – ruby
August, 21 – diamond
August, 22 – amber

Birthstone for July and August:
rhinestone, obsidian, ruby, tourmaline, spinel, amber.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Leo:


LEO zodiac gems horoscope

Sun in Leo is at home. Here, the sun feels comfortable and natural; nothing prevents it from shining and warming, constantly and without interruptions.

Leo is a born-king, and his natural need is to be in the spotlight, receiving honors and acknowledgments. All this is accepted naturally, because the sun does not feel strange or uncomfortable about that all the planets are circling around it.

It would be strange and very sad for Leo if someone does not want to notice its dignity. Amber is a stone of the Sun and for that reason it would be beneficial for Leo to have it around since that stone gives its owner physical strength, good spirits, luck and health.

By the nature Leo is fitted to be the center, as if the axis of rotation of all matters. At the same time Leo is helpless and can’t do anything. Holders of the Sun in Leo create a foothold to let one to turn the world and without Leos there are a lot of applicants.

Leos are not leaders in the true sense of the definition, because none of the sign members would call someone to do something or would lead someone. They are kings, who are object of love of subordinates and by the existence of whom the state does not plunge into the chaos.
One of Leo’s gemstones is ruby, the best representatives of fire element and a hub of a powerful Jan energy.

Zodiac sign Leo easily copes with the decision-making. Really, there is no decision-making process at all. Leo would introduce his opinion, which he has always had, and it is implied that there is no discussion or doubt over that opinion.

Stamina, given by the Sun in Leo is large, and the owner of the Sun can defeat any ailment. Of course, Lions are prone to illnesses just like other people, since occurrence of the disease is associated not only with the Sun. But a constant level of energy allows them to quickly overcome causative factor of decease and recuperate later on. Leo’s gemstone is obsidian which has a volcanic origin, so the Leo who wears amulets made of this stone is not afraid of any changes, external or internal. They are always ready to take a new prospective on the world. Obsidian can be worn with small crystals of rock crystal, which would help to combat mental and emotional ailments.

gems for LeoA very important requirement of a good health for Leo is the ability of creative expression.
Many times it has been noticed that people affected by a creative impulse are easily overcome any adverse influences. And first of all it refers to representatives of the zodiac sign of Leo.

As naturally-born creators, they simply must find something to do, something that would interest them, allowing the Leo to express itself and create something original, with the imprint of their personality.

If Leo lives within a routine, boring life, in the community that does not want to see him as the king, the unencumbered surplus of energy would erode even such a powerful source of health.

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