Gemini birthstone gems and jewelry

Gemini birthstone gems and jewelry

Gemini is communicable, flexible, adaptable and capable to deal with several cases simultaneously.

The sign is interested in any information – from newspaper ads and television series to books of higher mathematics.
The sign members are able to obtain several languages and have a lot of interests. Bur also they are variable and struggle to concentrate.

GEMINI birthstone :

May, 22 – coral
May, 23 – chrysoprase
May, 24 – serpentine
May, 25 – serpentine
May, 26 – lapis lazuli
May, 27 – amethyst
May, 28 – turquoise
May, 29 – beryls
May, 30 – rhinestone
May, 31 – citrine
June, 1 – cat’s eye
June, 2 – obsidian
June, 3 – obsidian
June, 4 – malachite
June, 5 – moonstone
June, 6 – gagate
June, 7 – tiger eye
June, 8 – beryls
June, 9 – amber
June, 10 – chrysoberyl
June, 11 – sardonyx
June, 12 – aventurine
June, 13 – rhodonite
June, 14 – chrysolite
June, 15 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
June, 16 – sardonyx
June, 17 – agate
June, 18 – agate
June, 19 – beryls
June, 20 – hessonit
June, 21 – sapphire
June, 22 – aquamarine

Birthstone for May and June:
agate, amethyst, beryl, cat’s eye, obsidian, rhodonite, carnelian, tiger eye, citrine, charoite.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Gemini:

aquamarine, almandine, serpentine, nacre.

GEMINI zodiac gems horoscope

Sun in Gemini. The “engine” of the representatives of this sign has a high mobility, maneuverability and ability to find the concerns of the current situation. How the sign will manifest these qualities depends entirely on the overall situation in the horoscope.

The Sun in Gemini provides energy not for short impulses, like that in Aries, and not for a permanent hard process, like it provided in case of Taurus, but energy given for multilateral and changing activities of reconciling multiple matters, disparate situations, events and opportunities.

Lifestyle of the owners of the Sun in Gemini is characterized by versatility and desire to be in the center of intersection of common interests. Books, newspapers, rumors, television and the Internet are a valuable source of information for Gemini, and they do not neglect any opportunity to obtain the new information.

Connoisseurs of magic stones believe that the Gemini stones are those which associated with thought and reason that mean rhodonite, rhodonite, beryl and agate.

Unlike Aries, Gemini is not interested in their own insights or in opinions of others. Unlike for Taurus, for Gemini it is not important to gain something for him or herself but rather to obtain and pass on to others.

Gemini’s’ talisman is “cat’s eye” which facilitates relationships between people, improving their mutual understanding.

On any issue Gemini usually has several answers and when it is necessary to make an important decision, the resolutions may also be multiple. They may also begin to act on several different directions involving a lot of friends and acquaintances to help them. Gemini is not afraid to be lost in a variety of different businesses.

Actually, the more activities they are involved, the more important and more significant they feel. For example Gemini’s birthstone citrine is recommended for businessmen and managers – it helps to benefit from the contacts and received information.

gemstone for GeminiIn the fight against diseases Gemini’s power is not like a fire as it is in Aries, Gemini’s immunity is not as strong as Taurus’ armor – but nevertheless the sign representatives have an ability and flexibility to “escape” from illness, to adapt to different conditions, to “pass” the ailment through themselves not being defected by the disease.
Illnesses do not usually stay in the body of Gemini; they come and go without significant impact. The most important thing is the nervous system which has to be kept in good condition.

Crystals of amethyst gem have the ability to calm consciousness and can help Gemini to achieve inner peace.
Talismans with “tiger eye” will help to quickly deal with fatigue and overcome stress. Charoite awakens clarity of thinking, encourages prudence and discretion, as well as helps to develop a philosophical outlook on life.

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