Capricorn birthstone gems and jewelry

Capricorn birthstone gems and jewelry

Capricorn can be described as a serious, systematic, ambitious sign which is capable to intuitively understand the internal structure of a society.
Capricorn looks for the closest social ladder, and then tries to climb over it as high as possible.

Administrator and organizational skills, love of the plans, schemes and routines are features of the Capricorns.

CAPRICORN birthstone :

December, 21 – chrysoprase
December, 22 – almandine
December, 23 – agate
December, 24 – turquoise
December, 25 – topaz
December, 26 – carnelian
December, 27 – serpentine
December, 28 – opal
December, 29 – topaz
December, 30 – amazonite
December, 31 – chrysoberyl
January, 1 – cat’s eye
January, 2 – ruby
January, 3 – onyx
January, 4 – rhodonite
January, 5 – pearls
January, 6 – turquoise
January, 7 – jasper
January, 8 – ruby
January, 9 – alexandrite
January, 10 – zircon
January, 11 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
January, 12 – jadeite
January, 13 – onyx
January, 14 – rhodonite
January, 15 – gagate
January, 16 – onyx
January, 17 – tiger eye
January, 18 – emerald
January, 19 – jasper
January, 20 – spinel
January, 21 – hessonit

Birthstone for December and January:
garnet, almandine, gagate, obsidian, topaz, tourmaline.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Capricorn:

aventurine, amethyst, lapis lazuli, sapphire.

CAPRICORN zodiac gems horoscope

The representatives of the sign are respectful for elders and fairly strict to the younger Capricorn is the most persistent and tenacious of all the signs of the Zodiac.
He is very serious about the life, and therefore he not only builds large-scale plans but also slowly, systematically and persistently renders them. We can say that Capricorn is not only an architect, but also a foreman on the construction of the conceived buildings.

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn you may support yourself using tourmalines – this mineral helps to meditate, focus, and gives a clear mind.

Capricorn is also prone to impulses and impulsive actions (because it’s still a “cardinal” sign), but he would never let his energy out (as most members of Aries sign would do). Capricorn can preserve started business and come back to it later, sometimes after a considerable period of time.

For the owner of the Sun in Capricorn it is very crucial to build a house. And the emphasis here is not on the actual house (which would be typical for a Cancer, sign which is opposite to Capricorn), but on the process of building the house.

Capricorn is entirely interested in the process of creating something complex and coherent from a set of disparate parts. It is not coincidence that many well-known creators of public, political and religious systems were born under the Sun in Capricorn.
One of the stones recommended for Capricorn is gagate; stone which contributes to the disclosure of family secrets and comprehension of ancestral wisdom.

If there is a sign of the zodiac which has a predisposition to undertake responsible decisions in difficult situations, it is certainly a Capricorn. This sign is determent, which is typical to the cardinal signs, and at the same time it is cautious, prudent and capable of planning everything in advance.
Mystics believe that Capricorn’s stone is a rauchtopaz, a mineral which helps to elevate thoughts from the darkness of the subconscious to the area of illumination and superconscious.

Perhaps Capricorn is slow in making a decision. If the situation is very complicated, the process of analysis takes so much time that the solution would clearly be late.

Capricorns who wear amulets made from obsidian are not afraid of any changes, external nor internal, they are always ready to take a new prospective at the world.

Capricorn gemsSun in Capricorn gives its holders not as much energy, so it would be good for them to restrain their impulses and not to expend too much energy at once.

You can present Capricorn with an Amulet made from almandine, the stone which is believed to possess a magical ability to banish sadness and bring a joy, to heal the heart and brain, to excite passion and at the same time to restrain anger.

Energy recession can often cause a depression in the Capricorn weakening its resilience and as a result the sign is susceptible to the various ailments.
Capricorns’ representatives are usually better than other signs endure cold; tempering, pouring cold water and other similar procedures can help them to restore the energy.

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