Cancer birthstone gems and jewelry

Cancer birthstone gems and jewelry

Cancer is a sign of deep emotions, hidden from others.

Sign members are need to be secure and have their own space. They like to care about others and educate.
They are Initiative, particularly in cases involving home, land and farm. They are unpredictable, because their driving force is emotions that are carefully hidden.

CANCER birthstone:

June, 21 – sapphire
June, 22 – aquamarine
June, 23 – emerald
June, 24 – cat’s eye
June, 25 – pearls
June, 26 – moonstone
June, 27 – emerald
June, 28 – jade
June, 29 – carnelian
June, 30 – tourmaline
July, 1 – charoite
July, 2 – amazonite
July, 3 – beryls
July, 4 – hessonit
July, 5 – coral
July, 6 – almandine
July, 7 – topaz
July, 8 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
July, 9 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
July, 10 – chrysolite
July, 11 – opal
July, 12 – agate
July, 13 – jade
July, 14 – topaz
July, 15 – hematite
July, 16 – amber
July, 17 – agate
July, 18 – moonstone
July, 19 – moonstone
July, 20 – jadeite
July, 21 – gagate
July, 22 – emerald

Birthstone for June and July:
aventurine, hematite, emerald, pearls, moonstone, chrysoberyl

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Cancer:

garnet, malachite, obsidian, carnelian, zircon.

The Sun in Cancer is characterized by intermittent energy level. it is emitted by impulses: energy peak will be followed by steady decline. Holders of the Sun in Cancer act like owner of a fortress.
Inside of the fortress there is an active live which is protected by high and strong walls. Outside of the fortress there are lands of the neighbors.
It is not known what to expect from the neighbors but it would be safer to consider them unfriendly.

Most of the time Cancer spends on household matters inside of his fortress, and fortress could be understood as their rich inner world or their home, family or any space which they consider as their own possession, equating it to the home.
Meditation with the pyramid of the aventurine can give Cancer a sense of depth, warmth and eternity.

Sometimes, when Cancer has something to offer, or there is a necessity of some sort from the outside world, sign members do “forays” outside. At such times they may seem energetic, sociable, and active but only up until the time when the gates of their little fort shut, sometimes in front of a puzzled interlocutor.

Cancer isn’t rushing when required to make a decision. They may seem indecisive, but in reality they hide internal process of mobilization behind an apparent calmness. When the decision is ready, they act boldly, even desperately, and as none expected.

Stones of Cancer – hematite and emerald – have receptive yin energy.

Protective forces of Cancer allow the sign to successfully combat diseases. Sign members will not wait for someone to heal them; instead they would find appropriate means and expel disease from the body.
But, as it is in the case of the fortress defense, everything depends on the morale of defenders.

Cancer gemstoneIn the times of deep depression when complexes begin to prevail over common sense, the sign becomes extremely vulnerable to adverse external influences, or prone to internal distress.
Ornaments with chrysoberyl would bring cancers insight, emotional balance and healing.

As a sign of the Zodiac Cancer is abode of the moon, and for that reason pearls and moonstone are beneficial stones for the sign members.

Interestingly, pure Cancers seek at any cost to have own home, or at least some semblance of home. No wonder the holders of the Sun in the sign compared with hermit crabs, which pull their dwelling on them.
Without the ability to retire somewhere or hide from the eyes of other people Cancers can’t really relax.

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