Aries birthstone gems and jewelry

Aries are filled with energy, impulsiveness, impatience and desire to act despite the obstacles. They are highly initiative and active in the beginning of any sort of business but mostly unable to continue it to the end.

Aries are striving to be the first; they love simple solutions and do not understand detours. “Brakes were invented by cowards!” – According to Aries.

ARIES birthstone :

March, 21 – sardonyx
March, 22 – ruby
March, 23 – charoite
March, 24 – chrysoprase
March, 25 – hematite
March, 26 – onyx
March, 27 – cat’s eye
March, 28 – ruby
March, 29 – diamond
March, 30 – aquamarine
March, 31 – opal
April, 1 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
April, 2 – jade
April, 3 – lapis lazuli
April, 4 – sardonyx
April, 5 – diamond
April, 6 – garnet
April, 7 – sardonyx
April, 8 – aventurine
April, 9 – jasper
April, 10 – amethyst
April, 11 – alexandrite
April, 12 – malachite
April, 13 – spinel
April, 14 – amethyst
April, 15 – jadeite
April, 16 – onyx
April, 17 – coral
April, 18 – tourmaline
April, 19 – lapis lazuli
April, 20 – spinel
April, 21 – chrysoberyl

Birthstone for March and April: diamond, rhinestone, zircon.

Not recommended gemstones for zodiac sign Aries:

aventurine, rhodonite.

ARIES zodiac gems horoscope

The energy in Aries is powerful, narrowed and literally allows them to make feats (favorite pastime of owners of the Sun in Aries ). In terms of life orientation the sign members need to have some purpose in life, often abstract or very remote.

Without a goal upon Aries can apply their energy (which happens infrequently, for example, during a significant change in life), Aries seems to lose themselves.
They may try switch from one objective to another, but unless they find or invent a new “crusade”, the reason for existence, is unlikely for them to feel truly satisfied with life.

But there is a significant shortcoming in Aries – the instability of the energy potential. Success during a one period might be followed by downfall, depression and complete unwillingness to do anything. In such periods of weakness Aries are very vulnerable both to the disease and to the emotional attacks from other people.

Aries gemstonesDuring the recession Aries resemble opposite sign – Libra – pondering long time before making a decision. Gemstone of the sign is golden-yellowish Aries which can help to maintain self-confidence, optimism and good spirits.

In case of illness the body reacts violently. Since all the forces sent to fight the alien invasion the temperature of the body rises sharply, and all the symptoms of an ailment are exaggerated. There should be no absolute necessity to shoot down the temperature in the solar Aries by medicals because it might create additional difficulties for the defense system.

Sunlight and warmth are usually favorable and necessary for Aries for it allows recharging the internal power source. Therefore, the Aries birthstones are stones of the Suns’ – diamond and rock crystal, which transmits sunlight.

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