Aquarius birthstone gems and jewelry

Aquarius birthstone gems and jewelry

Aquarius is a sign of a certain eccentricity, combined with deep and continuing interest in a particular field of knowledge or activity.
Love for everything new, unusual, original and related to the future. Ingenuity and an innate ability to use technology are often inherited qualities of the sign.

Aquarius is Interest in the laws which govern society and unwilling to be bound by any obligations.
It is believed that the Aquarius’ stone is zircon, the stone which enhances mental abilities and stimulates the desire to do science.

AQUARIUS birthstone :

January, 22 – citrine
January, 23 – amazonite
January, 24 – lapis lazuli
January, 25 – agate
January, 26 – jade
January, 27 – rhinestone
January, 28 – zircon
January, 29 – sapphire
January, 30 – amethyst
January, 31 – chrysoprase
February, 1 февраля – moonstone
February, 2 – turquoise
February, 3 – turquoise
February, 4 – beryls
February, 5 – sardonyx
February, 6 – sapphire
February, 7 – agate
February, 8 – malachite
February, 9 – amber
February, 10 – tiger eye
February, 11 – bloodstone (heliotrope)
February, 12 – sardonyx
February, 13 – cat’s eye
February, 14 – chrysoberyl
February, 15 – aventurine
February, 16 – opal
February, 17 – sapphire
February, 18 – obsidian
February, 19 – aventurine
February, 20 – coral
February, 21 – sapphire
February, 22 – amber

Birthstone for January and February:
azurite, aquamarine, amethyst
ametrinе, garnet, smoky quartz, obsidian, nacre, chrysoprase, zircon.

AQUARIUS zodiac gems horoscope

Life challenges Aquarius. They seemed to lack their own sun, so in order to get a feeling of self-sufficiency and to find their own personality the members of the sign have to combine a puzzle from disparate personalities of other people, identifying themselves with a group of like-minded individuals.

It is believed that Aquarius’ stone is amethyst; it gives people insight and helps to control evil thoughts.

Owner of the Sun in Aquarius are often the ideological center which gathers around a cast of like-minded friends. Together they engage in particular cases, and Aquarius, whose followers are often closer than family, persistently helps the group not to be deflected from the intended path.
Aquarius’ birthstone is chrysoprase which in medieval Europe was considered as a symbol of friendship and good luck.

Sun in Aquarius is a source of stable and constant energy. But in this case, this energy has quite peculiar quality. The energy is small when it belongs to the owner of it, but the amount of this energy increases exponentially when it is distributed among a group of people.
As a result, Aquarians are often political leaders, even on a local scale, or intensively engaged in any business, such as programming or electronics, businesses which are isolated from the “profanes” and which enable Aquarius to relate themselves to a cast of chosen.

It is widely believed that a ring with garnet – one of the stones of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius – gives its owner a power over the people.

All the thoughts of Aquarius are concentrated in one subject which they are most interested in. And when it is time to make a decision, they generate it from thoughts which are currently in their head. As a result, answers to various questions are generally the same, and Aquarius is not very concerned how well the responds agree with a particular situation.

Aquarius gemsIsolation from society is very undesirable for Aquarius. In fact, it is even dangerous, because it drastically limits the amount of available energy and leads to a significant weakening of the health. But excessive contacts with people can also be harmful.

Talisman made from obsidian absorbs bad intentions, so Aquarius can use it as an amulet, which helps him to understand his weak spots.

Pure Aquarians are rigid, and can’t freely discuss the first available issue. But those issues which are interesting to them usually incomprehensible by others. Faced once or twice with a misunderstanding, Aquarius may isolate itself from the society, and then – read the beginning of the current paragraph.

For Aquarius, like for no one else, it is of high importance to take care of their friends. Present Aquarius with aquamarine, an amulet of sailors and naval mascot, a stone of friendship, justice and courage.

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