Smoky quartz gems: properties, power, jewelry, photo

Smoky quartz gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Smoky quartz in the old days was called rauhtopaz (German “rauch” meaning “smoke”). Until now, the term remains popular among jewelers . Otherwise, smoky quartz was called smoky rock crystal or smoky topaz.

Along with rock crystal, citrine and amethyst, smoky quartz is the most valuable kind of quartz.
Especially his beautiful golden-brown crystals with inclusions of rutile, which create the effect of receding in all directions-ray stars. In nature, sometimes there are huge crystals smoky quartz weighing up to several tons.
Smoky quartz birthstone

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Mystics believe that smoky quartz healing properties helps to raise the thoughts of the dark subconscious insight into the region and the superconscious. No wonder the Buddhists call this mineral is “a stone of Buddha”.

Smoky quartz (rauhtopaz) is one of the most “energy” of dark stones of the world.
what is Smoky quartz
The ancient Hindus believed that smoky quartz gemstone displays of the body negative energy and slag. Indian legends tell of a bowl from a single crystal, smoky quartz, which cure of any disease. It is believed that the smoky quartz jewelry neutralize anger and relieve irritability.

Smoky quartz gems help relieve stress and pain. Lithotherapists advised for this pinch in each hand over the crystal and wait until they become warmer.

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