Ruby gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Ruby gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


From a chemical point of view rubies are aluminum oxide. Mineralogist believe rubies variety corunds, which also belong to the blue sapphires. Not by accident otherwise called the noble red ruby corundum.

The name of these stones have a characteristic color (Latin “rubeus” meaning “red”), which they attach to chromium oxide. Red is often associated with deep feelings, so the ruby in ancient times was considered a symbol of passion, and his pink variety associated with the embodiment of tender love.

In the East ruby gem has long been the most precious stone. Its name in Sanskrit (“Maniki”) is translated as “king of gems”. The Indians prized rubies are very high, considering them together with diamond and pearl “greatest” stones in the world. Not by chance another name for the ruby in Sanskrit – “ratnanayana” that is meaning “the leader of the gems”.
Ruby properties
It is considered that the inhabitants of Europe first met with oriental ruby stones after the campaign of Alexander of Macedon, that is not earlier than the IV BC. But the stones under the name carbuncles could get into Europe and from Africa. The term “ruby” in its modern sense coined in 1747 by mineralogist Valerius Before that the word “Gruber” or “ruberus” means red and garnet, and rubies, and spinel. In the Ancient Rus rubies along with other precious stones, red called ‘lal”.

The rich ruby deposits exist in Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand. In Africa, these stones are traditionally mined in Zimbabwe and Kenya, in Russia (in the Polar Urals).

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The most prized rubies of pure red (called “pigeon blood”) with a slight purple hue. Sometimes there are rubies with inclusions of rutile, which give the rocks the effect of asterism. These “stellate” rubies particularly valued.

Generally, ruby price impeccable quality can be very high. In fact hysteria recorded sales in 1979 Burmese ruby weighing 4.12 carats to 100,639 dollars per carat. Another Burmese ruby weighing 15.97 carats was sold in 1988 for an even greater price – at 227,301 dollar per carat.

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It believed ruby gemstone as blood clots of Dragon, able to give unlimited power and provide an irresistible effect on people. Not accidentally ruby was a favorite stone of the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible, bloodsuckers. Many people believe that rubies give mental strength and courage to the owner, strengthen his heart.

In India red ruby was one of the most revered magical stones. He was considered the best expression of the element of Fire and powerful hub of a strong start Yan. It is believed that ruby jewelry help focus sexual energy. In India it was known strong wine, to which was added to the powder worn rubies.

It believed that rubies can inspire people to great things. In ancient times believed that the change in ruby color warns jewelry owner of impending danger.

Rubin in antiquity ascribed supernatural properties, including the ability to protect from serious illnesses and to give the body energy supply. It was thought that rubies make whole heart, brain, improves memory power and rights. In an old Russian book on precious stones, the ruby has been said that the stone “in the body of a Human health disposes of any disease”. Attributed to the rubies and antitoxic action, these stones supposedly saved the owners of various poisons.
Ruby jewelry
Modern lithotherapists assign this stone important role in healing various ailments. It is believed that ruby healing properties helps cure blood diseases, chronic tonsillitis, diseases of the spine and joints. Moreover, there is the ability to prevent epileptic seizures ruby, positive influence on nervous system.

This stone can lift depression, it helps with insomnia and schizophrenia. With an excess in the body “yang” beginning with a nervous breakdown and high blood pressure to wear the ruby is not recommended. In this case, it is appropriate to replace it with a stone water elements for the “cooling” and the harmonization of energy balance.

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Zodiac sign of the ruby is Leo.
Ruby is a July birthstone.

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