Moonstone gems: meaning, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Moonstone gems: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Moonstone , mentioned in the eponymous novel by Wilkie Collins, was diamond with a yellowish tint. Usually, the moon stones are called translucent bluish-silver feldspars.

The name they have for the blue or silver-white overflows, which are generated the structure of this mineral. Otherwise, moonstones called adularia or selenite.

In India moonstone is “dzhandarakand”, which means “moonlight”.
Moonstone properties
He is considered the most revered rock fans in the moon. Moonstones can be milky white, purple, or if illumined inner golden shimmer. There are moonstones with stellate drawings or effect « cat’s eye », but such instances are rare.

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As magic is traditionally believed that this stone is firmly connected with the Moon, with the force of its impact increases in the full moon. It is believed that moonstone can bring relief to the person experiencing the negative impact of the full moon, absorbing exciting lunar energy.

Moonstone gem sees and attracts love, it is worn as a talisman to bring a sense of their lives.

Hindus believe that it absorbs the lunar cooling energy, calms the mind, awakening in people dreaming and tenderness. Moonstone can eliminate anger and stress relief. No accident that in Tibetan medicine, he used to cure epilepsy and mental illness.

It is believed that moonstone jewelry a beneficial impact on kidney, bladder and urinary canals, they help with swelling and edema. Lithotherapists wrote that moonstone amulet protects against epilepsy and other nervous fits.
Moonstone jewelry

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Moonstone jewelry are recommended to wear those born under the signs Pisces and Cancer .

The celestial body, in conformity with that stone, of course, is the moon.

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