Hessonite gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Hessonite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


It is generally assumed that the garnet gem stones have a cherry-red color. Garnets that shade called carbuncles (Latin: “carbon” meaning “coal”), alluding to their similarity to the shimmering sparks.
Meanwhile, garnet gems may be not only red. There are colorless or almost black garnet stones.

Hessonite is honey-yellow or orange color kind of garnet grossular. From a distance, the orange hessonite colour may be perceived as red. With artificial light color some faceted stones seem brighter than in daylight.

Purple-red or purple garnets too often consider like hessonit. Its color resembles hessonite mineral hyacinth – reddish-brown variety of zircon, both gemstones are often confused. Therefore gessonity sometimes called the Eastern, Ceylon hyacinth. Also called “essonite”.
Hessonite jewelry
Hessonite stone is not as strong as mineral hyacinth. Because of this feature hessonite got its name (Greek “hesson” meaning “weak, less”).
Besides hessonite below the quality and value than other garnets. For its characteristic yellow color hessonite called “cinnamon stone”.

Hessonite mined in the southern Urals, in Italy, India and Germany. On international markets, these stones are also derived from Mexico and Sri Lanka.

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what is Hessonite


Like other garnets, yellow hessonite gem have a positive effect on the digestive system by optimizing its work.

Yellow hessonite necklace have a healing effect on breath, able to deal with strep throat. Hessonite jewelry is useful in skin diseases, and allergies.

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