Hematite gemstone: meaning, properties, power, jewelry, photo

Hematite gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


The name of this solid and heavy stone comes from the Greek word “haimatos” meaning “blood”, not by chance that it is also called bloodstone gem.
Is another less frequently used name stone – Sanguine (Latin “sanqua” meaning “blood”).

Hematite gem really is the color of dried blood, which he attached to iron oxides. Sometimes the brownish-red hue of hematite becomes almost black. Such stones are called “black diamonds.” Brownish-red varieties of hematite, called “kidney stone””.
what is Hematite
Thin plates of hematite are translucent and stones themselves cast metal, glass glitter. Not by chance fancy education, found in deposits of hematite, in olden times was called “red glass head.” In ancient times, flat pieces of hematite was used as a mirror and called “spekularite” (from the Greek “spekula” meaning “intuition”).

Hematite gemstone is rich in Turkistan in Brazil, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.

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Hematite mentions in his writings had Theophrastus (315 BC). In India, the hematite stone was the amulet of courage and wisdom. This gem promotes the conservation of optimism and commitment.

In Europe hematite gemstone was considered a talisman warlocks who traced them to the magic circle and symbolic signs.

The color of hematite is logically connected to the minds of people with blood. In ancient times it was believed that hematite jewelry helps stop the blood and heal wounds. And these days, some people believe that the hematite have a receptive energy of Yin, “purify” the blood, healing blood diseases and beneficial effect on the kidneys, liver and spleen. Not accidentally one of the names of hematite -is an kidney stone.

In eastern lithotherapy hematite amulets used to treat abscesses, anti-clogging blood vessels to stop bleeding. It is believed that hematite healing properties have a beneficial effect on blood, can help with urinary and hormonal disorders, interferes with blood diseases.

Hematite jewelry stimulates sexual energy. Lithotherapists argue that this stone increases blood pressure, a positive effect on energy core chakras, and stimulates blood circulation of sexual chakra.
Hematite jewelry


Hematite is a birthstone of Cancer and Scorpio.

Virgo, Pisces and Libra to wear hematite jewelry astrologers are not recommended.

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