Garnet gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Garnet gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Dark-red crystals of garnet gemstone resemble grains of the fetus “Phoenician apple” – a pomegranate. Hence the name of the stone (Latin: granum meaning “grain”, “grain”).
Pliny the Elder called bright red garnets as carbuncles (Latin: carbon meaning «coal”), assuming these stones resemble flickering embers. Not by chance an old text book reads: “karfunkulos stone is called, very dredges, who all the stones gentleman, overlooking as night coal shines …».

It is believed that the currently accepted term “garnet gem” coined in 1270, a medieval alchemist Albert Magnus. Incidentally, in the old days as weights sometimes used small seeds of some fruit. Hence the old measure of weight – gran in some countries, up just over half a percent today grams.

Now the classification of minerals is cleaned up. Since 1803, the term “ garnet ” was applied to the whole group of minerals. It includes the almandine, grossular, demantoid, pyrope, spessartine and uvarovite. Garnet group is considered the red-brown andraite named on behalf of the Portuguese mineralogist d’Andrada (1763-1838) who described them in 1800
Garnet properties
Usually in the narrow sense of the word under garnets understand only transparent red stones almandines and pyrope. Therefore, discussing the merits of garnet stones, to define more precisely, about what exactly the stone in question. Color pyrope determined by the ions of chromium and iron, almandine by ions of iron and manganese, spessartine by manganese ions.

In Europe garnet jewelry came into vogue at the time of Romanticism. Jewelers of that time often have suspension in the form of linked hearts, adorned with small garnets. With these stones were decorated rings and brooches, crosses and pendants in the form of four leaves clover.

Garnet gemstones were popular not only among the jewelers. They embellish the weapons and horse equipment. In England, grenades encrusted tables for card games.

One of the most beautiful necklaces, decorated with large dark red garnets, is stored in a museum the famous Czech composer Smetana in Prague. This is a wonderful garnet necklace he presented a gift to his wife.

The unique garnet set , consisting of a necklace, two bracelets, buckles, earrings and rings, a Goethe gave 18-year-old Ulrike von Levettsov. His gift contained 460 unique beauty garnet gems. The diameter of the largest of which is 12.3 mm.

Abroad, Garnet stones mined in Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, USA, Sri Lanka and South Africa. An unusual color of their distinguished among a long row of garnets and is called “Ural”.

Garnets can be not only red. There transparent stones – the so-called leikogarnets (Greek leikos – «white”). The dark, almost black stones, called melanites (Greek melanos – «Black). Not only is the blue and blue garnets.

garnet crystal garnet stone garnet gemstone green garnet necklace garnet crown


The name “garnet” is not so much a particular stone, as a group of minerals with similar chemical composition and the cubic crystal lattice. Most of the garnets found in jewelry, red or brownish-red color, they are inexpensive, but can be quite beautiful. The best designs, painted and chromium-called pyrope, the color approaching ruby.

Jewelers typically do not specify whether the pyrope garnet, or almandine, or even any kind, because it is a little affects the cost of the stone.

In the past, popular attractive tangerine-orange spessartine garnets, known as “Mandarin garnets”.

Garnet gems are rarely the subject of forgery, because the are cheap. For red garnet crystals can be taken synthetic gems made of red glass, designed to simulate ruby. It is worth noting that the garnets are often prone to defects and multiple crystalline inclusions. These constants, in particular the index of refraction, are too broad to be useful lover, in addition, they, like crystals have a single refraction.

However green garnet is a rare and precious stones. Demantoide garnets are a variety of andradite, they can be very attractive due to the level of dispersion, higher than the diamond, because of which demonstrates an excellent stone” fire “and the game. His best designs have a shining grass-green, but confusing them with emerald not because of the yellowish hue and high gloss.

Green grenades first appeared on the market in the second half of the XIX century, were caught in the Urals, and they are likely to be found in the articles dating back approximately 1895 years before the First World War. The best specimens can cost several thousand dollars per carat, but their size rarely exceeds 5 carats, most of these stones are small.

Garnet inclusions called “horse’s tail” is brown asbestos fibers. It is for them the easiest to distinguish this rock, because the index of demantoid refraction (1,89) is outside the scale of the refractometer. Only a few stones by color may resemble expressive bright green demantoides; peridot is close to the samples with a pale color, but he has a strong double refraction and readable refractive index 1.67.

However, it is worth remembering that some artificial garnets specially painted chrome, to simulate demantoid, but such stones are no specific defects and they are rarely observed in jewelry.

Not so long ago in Kenya, the National Park Ttsavo, deposit was discovered, which are produced attractive green grossular garnets, they are distinguished shade of green foliage, but they are not peculiar to the demantoid fire and they are relatively soft, exposed to abrasion. The cost of these stones varies greatly. They are easily distinguishable by refractometer (refractive index – 1,74).

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Garnet is a stone of love, which is able to bring passion and entertain the soul. Not by chance the Persian poet Hafiz wrote that: “like a ray of sunshine on garnet fire in your rings, so my heart is fueling a love for you”. Perhaps that is why garnet jewelry is considered appropriate for young girls and unmarried women. It is also a stone of anger and passion. He drives away sadness and bring joy to the owner. It is believed that red garnets excite sexuality, evoke a sense of courage and stimulate the will and stamina, as well as contribute to the development of self-esteem.

In ancient Rome it was believed that garnets provide pregnant women to go safely childbirth. During the Crusades, heading for Jerusalem knights wore garnet ring to protect themselves from injuries and poisons.
Garnet jewelry
People believe that ring with garnet gives its owner power over people. Garnet jewellery is also regarded as talismans of loyalty, faith, loyalty and strength. Black garnets may contribute to communicate with the world of the dead. They are also useful for those who want to look into the future.

Garnets have a positive effect on digestion, and immune system. They believe that garnet necklace help at high temperature, sore throat, and prolonged headaches.

Garnets yellow or brown color are useful in skin diseases, indigestion, constipation and allergies.

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Garnet is January birthstone and a rock of Mars. They are good for people born under the sign of Aquarius . Because these stones are able to dispel melancholy, astrologers also recommend wearing garnet jewelry to those born under the sign of Scorpio.

People born under the sign of Taurus or Cancer, wearing jewelry with hand garnets is not recommended.

garnet birthstone garnet jewellery garnet bracelet garnet gemstone garnet earrings garnet jewellery

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