Coral gemstone: properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Coral gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Corals are organogenic mineral. These are the skeletons of colonies of some marine cnidarian organisms – polyps. The skeletons of coral polyps are composed of calcite or aragonite.

There are many different types of polyps that form coral structures. The variety used in jewelry (as distinguished from the stony coral in reefs of the Pacific atolls) is the cor allium no bile (precious coral), which is compact, glyptic, and solid without visible indentations. The colours shade from pinkish-white to pale pink (angel-skin) and ox-blood red. White corals are used in jewelry infrequently.

Their oldest brand name – “Bianco” (Italian bianco meaning “white”). Wellknown are two types of coral – red (most common), and black coral with a high content of organic matter – Acabar. Some coral is left in its natural tree-like stalks, being merely polished and pierced for suspension or mounted.

Coral colour is usually orange-red, there are also pink variety, known as “angel skin” (“peau d’ange”). Pollution of the seas has led to heavy loss of colonies of coral, so this material is becoming increasingly scarce, and prices are steadily rising. Now the sale for export needs to show his license.
Coral jewelry
Coral is sometimes used as a bead to imitate a pink conch pearl, but the pearl can be distinguished by its surface markings. Coral has been imitated in glass, dyed shell, and plastics, but can be identified by its hardness and its effervescing when tested with an acid. The easiest way to distinguish a fake with a drop of hydrochloric acid: coral, which is a carbonate will fizz.

Ancient Hindus known several varieties of coral. Meat and red coral are called “fiery”; delicate pink coral was known as “angel skin”. Besides black coral valued extremely rare blue coral “akori”. Coral was used in ancient Egypt (especially as scarabs) and also by the Greeks and Etruscans who engraved it as seals. Sea coral was well known to the ancient Romans. The word “coral” exists in the languages of these peoples.

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Jewelry of red coral have been known to the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks.

Red corals have long been used for making various jewellery: beads, rings, necklaces, rings and seals. It has been used extensively since the 14th century for beads in a rasory or as a charm (in the form of a stalk mounted at one end in a gold ring); it is still used for a baby’s teething ring or rattle.

It is mainly used as beads (some seed-size) or set en cabochon, or carved as a cameo or intaglio. The principal centre for such carving has long been Torre del Greco, near Naples, but other centres are near Genoa and Leghorn, as well as now in Korea, China, and Japan. Its main sources are along the shores of the Mediterranean, but today

it also comes from Japan, Hawaii, and Australia.

Coral is similar to pearls: and he and the other is extracted from the sea, is an organic product and is formed from calcium carbonate.In the XIX century corals from the Gulf of Naples Italian jewelers covered thread, making a cameo, or used in its natural form for brooches and necklaces.

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Since corals associated with many stories and legends. In many countries, including the ancient Greeks, pink coral were symbols of immortality and happiness. It is believed that amulets corals a beneficial effect on the human psyche, contribute to the development of logic and intuition. In medieval Europe, coral was a symbol of modesty.

According to Greek and Roman legends, coral sometimes found in the brains of dragons (the big snake?). Perhaps that is why in Russia was considered awesome coral stone as “drakonit” (Greek “drakonites”).

Litoterapists argue that corals have a receptive energy of Yin. They activate metabolism, beneficial effects on blood circulation and cardiovascular system, improve memory. There is a belief that corals healing abscesses, including internal. It was believed that coral on the forefinger of his right hand cleans the blood, and coral necklace on the neck to keep from a sore throat, scarlet fever and relieve a nervous tic.
Coral gems
According to the Ayurveda, red coral includes the elements of water, earth and fire. It applies to energy, control metabolism, body temperature, skin and digestion. Coral neutralizes negative states – anger, envy. It is useful for diseases of the thyroid gland, helps with asthma and has contraceptive properties.

In Japan, the powder from white coral is used to accelerate healing of bone fractures, dental prosthesis. In Portugal coral beads are a sure recipe for headaches, in England – from throat diseases. In the Russian lithotherapy corals are also used to treat diseases of the throat and cardiovascular system, they help with depression and psychoneurosis.

It has been believed to have amuletic powers and to be a protection against spells.

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Corals sometimes called gems of the sea. Not surprisingly, the zodiacal sign of corals are Pisces, and the appropriate planet is Neptune.

Coral is a march birthstone.

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