Beryl gemstone: meaning, uses, power, jewelry, photo

Beryl gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Beryl is called a class of minerals – silicates of aluminum and beryllium. Blue aquamarine, dark green emerald and golden heliodor are all varieties of beryl. Colorless beryl (found first in the field Goshen, USA) was named goshenit.

Amazing red and pink beryl owned banker and collector of gemstones J. Morgan, named morganite in his honor. Similar to their Ural’ red-pink beryl became known vorobyevite in memory of the Russian mineralogist Vorobyov.

In addition to morganite beryls is also such a rare stone as red Bixby. Variety of beryl color is realy surprising. This property has been known to connoisseurs of stones of past centuries.

Even in the XII century in an old essay about the precious stones (the so-called “Lapidarium”) medieval author wrote: “What has nine types of beryl, a scientist known …».
Beryl gem
Beryl gem in the narrow sense of the term is usually called light-green versions of those stones. Sometimes there are star-like beryl and beryl “cat’s eye” effect. Color of beryl stones depends on the impurity compounds of magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese. Not contain impurities colorless beryl. In nature, beryl occur in the form of hexagonal prismatic crystals.

Beryl was already mentioned by Theophrastus. This word meaning is probably of Indian origin. It should be remembered that the word “berillos” ancient Greeks called any transparent green minerals.

In the USA beryl are mined in the state of Connecticut. Beryl deposits are developed in Siberia, the Urals, the Ukraine, Brazil, Greenland, Ethiopia, India, Kazakstan, Colombia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia. Australian beryls light green color, often called “Australian emeralds”.

In nature sometimes occur huge size beryls. For example, the beryl crystal was found in the mountains of South Dakota (USA), had a length of 8,5 m and weighing over 61 tons.

The quality of these giants is small. While in the Urals in 1828 was found a large crystal of pure yellowish-green beryl mass of 2,5 kg. It was valued at 4880 dollars in gold. Currently, this unique copy is kept in the museum of St. Petersburg Mining Institute.

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Beryl gem used in the jewelry business. To improve the color is sometimes used thermal treatment, which resulted in a greenish-yellow or pale green color can be changed to blue. The pale pink morganite when heated can be strengthened.

In the Middle Ages beryls particularly willing to embellish the church plate. In the old days they did optical glass from colorless beryl . Hence the German word “brille” meaning “glasses”.

The most expensive kind of beryl is red Bixby, like the color of ruby. It is not just expencive. Stones in the quarter-carat can cost from 200 to 2,500 dollars per carat! In other words, biksbit gems are more expensive then diamonds of the highest quality and the same size.

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In the East beryl gemstones has long been considered as magical stones, conducting life-giving energy into the body, and vice versa – exempting it from negative energy. Not accidentally beryl called “composure stones”. They help people to maintain good spirits and prevent them from fatigue. Connoisseurs of beryl magic ptoperties associated it with thought and reason.
Therefore beryl help win trials. However, beryl jewelry is often recommended to wear dull-witted and lazy people.

Among other gemstones beryls were considered the best “cleaners” and healers. Beryl’ contemplation helps with in-depth reflection and research. Beryl rings are like talismans, safeguarding their owners on long trips. Beryl amulet patronize pilgrims.

It is believed that beryl jewellery make their owners friendly and invincible. Beryl help fight laziness and sharpen the mind. They are able to re-awaken love in older couples.
Beryl jewelry
Litoterapists argue that beryl have a receptive energy of Yin. It is believed that beryl help with back pain, colds and runny nose. They can healing affect the chakra Manipura and Anahata. Beryl jewelry recommended to wear for the healing of various gynecological diseases.

The Indian “Ayurveda” is mentioned yellow-green beryl , which “encourages excess pitta, vata and facilitates the excess kapha”.Those terms ancient Indian healers have described the status of metabolism of the organism. Thus, beryl in their presentation was able to harmonize the flow of metabolic reactions.

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In the European tradition of astrological beryl corresponds zodiacal constellation Scorpio .

Jewelry can be worn with beryl as people born under the signs Gemini and Libra .

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  1. Beryl glass.
    A type of GLASS that is the result of fusing BERYL. So that it no longer CRYSTALLINE but AMORPHOUS. It is variously colored metallic oxides and is faceted, and so is sometimes used in jewelry imitation of colored gemstones, but is readily distinguishable.

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