Aventurine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, jewelry, photo

Aventurine gemstone: meaning, properties, uses, power, jewelry, photo


Aventurine is a kind of fine-grained quartz – the so-called quartzite. Tinted aventurines usually in yellow, green, blue or cherry in color.

There are also almost black stones.The distinctive appearance aventurine attach uniformly dispersed include mica flakes, goethite and hematite. Besides these there are also some other inclusions. Besides aventurine rock riddled cracks which are filled with iron hydroxides.
These features give the characteristic sparkling mineral golden sheen and a bit mysterious shimmering shine.

Thanks to this feature aventurine stone in the old days was called “golden stone”. Jewelers call aventurine gem a “collection of love”.

Glitter glass resembling aventurine gemstone, were able to do the ancient Egyptians but later the secret of its manufacture was lost.

The red-brown glass, simulating color aventurine was again obtained only in the XVI century by glass blowers in Murano near Venice, a place where some copper filings accidentally fell into a vessel with molten glass. Hence, in 1700 and emerged the modern name of a stone (in Italian avventura meaning “case”).
Aventurine use
Aventurine is mined in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Spain, China, Norway, Chile and the United States. American aventurine called “Colorado golden stone”. Aventurine has long been mined in China, where he was very popular and was called “the Imperial stone”.
Aventurine deposits exist in Finland. In the Russian Urals and the Altai are golden brown goldstone, in the area of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly find aventurine of green shades.

Aventurine with sparkles emerald green mica in honor of the German chemist and mineralogist from Munich JH von Fuchs (1774-1856) named fuxit. Green Aventurine, is mined in Madras in India, was known as “Indian jade”. In the Indian state of Jaipur there are blue aventurine deposits.

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In ancient China green aventurine was considered a sacred stone. Because he was cut State Seal of the Chinese emperor. Aventurine is well polished. In XIX century from this stone produced bowls, candlesticks, pen knives and forks. A huge vase of aventurine is stored at the British Geological Museum.

Another major avanturine vase is stored in the Hermitage, and its diameter is about 2.5 m. Currently, the best examples of natural aventurine valued about the same as jade.

Large aventurine rings with the rotating central part were popular In Victorian England, the rear side of which concealed a miniature portrait, or a lock of hair. Typically, these rings were decorated by a semi-precious ornamental stones – agate, jade, aventurine.

From aventurine jewels make necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks and pendants, cut different figures. Prices on jewelry from this stone are relatively small. For example, a thread of faceted aventurine beads can vary from 8 to 25 dollars.

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Aventurine gem has long been considered as lucky talisman, which are to preserve the joyful mood.

This stone can help people to find spirits and mental clarity. It increases from its owner’s optimism and self-confidence.

Sometimes this pleasing eye gem called “stone of love” because it is believed that it contributes to grow mutual sympathy, exacerbates the feelings and emotions.

By contrast, Hindus believe that as a talisman aventurine calms the emotions and develops in people creativity. Aventurine amulet represents the creative impulses and chivalry. Meditation with the pyramid of aventurine gives a sense of depth, warmth and eternity.

However mystics warn that too flippant healing of aventurine may lead to the owner in the future to material losses, because it makes people overly self-confident.
what is Aventurine
Litoterapists argue that aventurine has projective energy Yang. It healing allergic dermatitis and hair loss. Aventurine jewellery reduced pressure, treat bronchitis and colds, are used in diseases of the cardiovascular system and circulatory diseases.
There are indications that aventurine helps with low-intensity chronic diseases, it speeds healing and reduces the warts.

In Indian yoga green aventurine used to stimulate the heart chakra, to strengthen the vision and development of intelligence. Aventurine can be used as appliques on pathologically changed parts of the body. is A massage with the help of balls of aventurine is very useful. The richness of color of this mineral can pick up a ball of color that intensifies the effect of physiotherapy treatment.

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Aventurine stone particularly suited to people born under the signs Taurus, Virgo and Cancer .

Aventurine jewelry are able to bring a sense of peace to his owner.

Not recommended to wear jewelry with aventurine people born under the signs Aries,

Capricorn and Scorpio.

Aventurine is associated with the magic of the moon. To be successful in the developed to astrologers advise to wear a ring with a yellow-red-brown aventurine in the twenty-first day of the lunar month. Generally, with aventurine jewelry to wear in one of the phases of the waning moon, that is in its third and fourth quarter. For a long time to wear jewelry with aventurine is not recommended, because this stone can change its energy.

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